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As-salaam alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barkatuhu

We are close to the finishing line and the closing date looms large over us. Yet the gap in our funds remains large and time is running out. Is this an insurmountable obstacle?

The math is simple:
  • The closing cost is $925,000.

  • The total of cash on hand and pledges is $739,000

  • We have a shortfall of $186,000

  • Closing: end of August.

The seller is pushing for an earlier closing because of its own tenuous position in the financial market. The gap in our funds requirement is narrowing very slowly and the final figure remains elusive. This is a urgent plea for help!
For those of you with lingering questions about the need for a masjid in this area, consider this: there is no permanent venue for a masjid in this area at this time. The church on Braswell road gives us all an opportunity to fill this gap at a fraction of the cost of any similar project in East Cobb.
Many of you harbored a desire and a wish for a leadership in the Muslim community. Many of you dreamt of creating the ambiance where our children thrive equally well - as Muslims and as Americans; of practicing our religion from knowledge rather than from cultural myths; and a dream to present our faith and our practices to our neighbors in the most favorable light. This is more than a dream. It is a charge from our Maker. We are merely setting the stage for all this. We need you to enact these moves yourselves! And act-1 starts now!
We beseech you to look at this project as your own! May Allah reward you for reading this, and for your generosity. East Cobb Islamic Center.

Please send your pledges/checks to- 2100 Roswell Rd., Suite 200c PO Box 716 Marietta, GA 30062
Address and Directions
1111 Braswell Road
Marietta, GA 30062
Prayer Azhan Times
05:04 am
01:41 pm
05:47 pm
08:53 pm
10:17 pm
Contact Information
Phone: (678) 528-1414    
Email: info@ec-ic.org    
Website: http://www.ec-ic.org/    
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