Islamic Center of Irvine (ICOI)  

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Mission Statement: To establish a comprehensive center promoting Islamic values and reflecting excellence in serving the needs of the community

ICOI serves as a central religious and social hub for the local Muslim community, providing various services, programs, and activities. Here are some key aspects of the Islamic Center of Irvine: Worship: ICOI offers daily prayers, Friday congregational prayers (Jumu'ah), and special prayers for Islamic holidays and occasions. The center provides a serene and welcoming space for Muslims to come together for worship and reflection. Religious Education: ICOI provides educational opportunities for all age groups, including Quran classes, Islamic studies, and Arabic language courses. The center aims to help individuals deepen their understanding of Islam and its teachings. Community Engagement: The Islamic Center of Irvine is actively involved in community outreach and interfaith dialogue. The center hosts events and initiatives to promote understanding, cooperation, and positive relationships among people of different faiths and backgrounds. Social Services: ICOI engages in charitable and humanitarian activities to support those in need, both within the Muslim community and the broader society. These efforts reflect the Islamic principles of compassion and social responsibility. Youth Programs: The center offers various activities and programs catering specifically to the needs of young Muslims, aiming to foster a sense of belonging and Islamic identity among the youth. Cultural Events: ICOI celebrates Islamic cultural traditions and festivities, creating an inclusive environment that brings together diverse Muslim communities.

From 5-North and 5-South: Exit Jeffery and turn right onto Jeffery.Make a left on Roosevelt Make a right on Truman
From 405-North: Exit Jeffery and turn right onto Jeffery. Make a left on Roosevelt Make a right on Truman
From 405-South Exit Jeffrey and turn left onto Jeffery Make a left on Roosevelt Make a right on Truman
Address and Directions
2 Truman
Irvine, CA 92606
Prayer Azhan Times
04:33 am
12:58 pm
04:59 pm
08:01 pm
09:22 pm
Contact Information
Phone: (949) 786-4264    
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