Full-Time Islamic School

School Mission - Pre-K to 6th Grade: Today, Muslims face many challenges, the least of which is raising children as noble, productive members of society. At AYA, we firmly believe that imparting a well-rounded education in a safe Muslim environment will enable our students to not only achieve their worldly aspirations, but to also seek eternal success in the Hereafter, Insha'Allah. We, at AYA, value and respect the choice of committed Muslim parents and strive in every way to bring out the best in our children. We hope to create to in our students a love of learning, a spirit of inquiry, and a habit of reflection, which will enable them to explore the myriad of ayaats of Allah in the universe and within themselves. We believe in education with excellence. Our educational efforts ill be aimed at helping to develop the minds and hearts of our students according to the teachings of the Qu'ran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). As each child makes a journey into the world of knowledge, we will be there every step of the way with love and caring compassion, while educating and challenging them with a comprehensive curriculum of academic and spirituality.
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132 Prospect Street
Waterbury, CT 06722

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Website: http://www.alyaqeenacademy.org